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How much Cock do You Need to be a Part of the Top 1%?

To be among the top 1 percent of men with large cocks, you need to be packing at least 8.5" in length and/or have 5.7" in girth when erect. These are the measurements to make it into the top of the charts on a global scale.

Penis Size Chart Rankings

In some areas, like Haiti, to be in the top 1% of men with large penises would require a 10" measurement. Big dicks are always relative to those around you. We us the global average, measurement from over 15,000 adult men from different races to compare cocks.

"You never know who is packing the biggest cock because men can be showers and growers", says Keven Burress, a former college football player and co-founder of The Large Penis Professionals. "In the locker room, most guys are not aroused and many growers can double in size like me.

Top 10% of all Cocks

To be in the top 10% of all men, you need substantially less size: a length of 6" or an erect girth of 5.2". Believe it or not, men with this size have mis-warranted insecurities about size when in fact they are larger than most men.

For some reason, we tend to undervalue ourselves when it comes to cock-size. Perhaps because of the super-sized adult stars. Perhaps it's because of the expectation that size defines a man. Perhaps it's the belief that we do not deserve respect amongst our peers.

The most surprising fact is that if you are sporting an average 5.16" erection, you're bigger than 50% of the men out there.

As Keven points out, "Being bigger than 8" is truly a genetic gift. Be comfortable with who you are and what you have because there will always be someone bigger than you."

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If you're 8" in length or larger or have a surprising large girth, you are eligible to join the exclusive Large Penis Club.

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